Are you a True Chai-Lover? Brew-up for something Healthy in 2021

Chai-Cha-Chaha… it all tastes the same. Be it from any state, any lingual land, tea won’t taste different unless you mess with it. So, hey all Chai Lover, be good to yourself, and pick a cup of health and happiness with Tea Valley.

Be it bed tea or breakfast or evening tea– ( Chai Lover) Tea is a super-duper drink to cheer-up the mood from any situation or circumstances. Especially, people in India look-up for occasions or even just a moment to sit down with a cup full of steaming hot tea and some crunchy companion to go with it. This can be called a moment to celebrate with Tea Valley where every event is sipped with truly original Assam tea.

So, how does tea stand amazing over coffee? Counting upon its origin, tea got its root in the Chinese province which was then led by Shen Nung. As said by the researchers, Shen Nung once was strolling in his garden when a leaf of tea dropped into his bowl of hot water. The then emperor sniffed the fragrance, tasted it, and liked it. So, this is how the cultivation and spread of tea got globally renowned.

On the other hand, coffee has also gained momentum in today’s world, but not like tea. In this blog, we’ll learn how tea has overshadowed coffee and its caffeine intake.

Tea is a Fantastic Option for Hydrating the Body ( Chai Lover)

Well, this is not a joke. Many skip this option of having tea under the scorching heat of summer. It is assumed that increasing the number of intakes of this beverage will make you feel uncomfortable, but this is like a myth. Chai has a good amount of fluid and nutrients that come in handy while a person feels sweaty and exhausted in summer. Additionally, tea is also a great option for hydrating your skin.

Curable Treatment Against Cancer

According to early studies, it is shown that tea can reduce the risk of cancer. Especially, green tea has been discussed as a cancer-buster drink. This includes:

  • Improving immune system that stands capable of fighting cancer.
  • Improve health, energy level, and well-being.
  • Get rid of toxicity from the body.
  • Provide control over cancer and treatment.
  • Treat cancer as the ultimate situation.

Tea will Make You Push More

Well, this is not just a beverage to choose from, tea is the supreme choice with a low percentage of caffeine. After, subsiding instances of cancer, Chai can fight the medical emergency dealing with heart problems. Additionally, this will also improve:

  • Weight loss
  • Extends a stronger immunity system
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Provide mental alertness

It is Easier than Making Coffee

According to the recent past, one coffee variety has excelled over the internet i.e. Dalgona coffee during the lockdown period. But, has the new form of coffee been able to swipe through the taste of chai which we all have cherished since our childhood? Maybe no. Coffee has not been able to replace the much-loved beverage of India and when it is made with fine leaves of Tea Valley, then the tea is a much easier choice to make and enjoy with friends and family.

Tea can Help You Shrug-Off Some Weight

Yes, count upon the television ads which we all follow as Shraddha Kapoor claims to take the healthy steps by drinking green tea. Being a light option, green tea is loaded with antioxidants that include some health benefits. This includes:

  • Improvement of Brain Function
  • Fat Loss
  • Protecting Against Cancer
  • Lowering the Risk of Heart Diseases

Well, there is no doubt to claim that tea is a storehouse. It is you who need to understand that this is what you need to have while you brave all the odds of COVID-19.

Stay Safe, Sip Great! ( Chai Lover)

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