Did You Taste the Queen of the Tea from the Assam Valley?

Best known for breakfast teas, Assam Valley tea is the leading choice for its darker-rich-malty flavor. Is there any other option that you can count upon?

Tea has been a staple beverage of Indian Homes. Be it summers or winters, tea is something that rarely gets ignored. The state of Assam is famous for two things- green mountains, forests and of course ‘Tea’. It is known for producing black tea which is said to be a perfect blend of the most flavourful drink with the break of the day. Additionally, after counting upon its perfect taste, this also coins the other sides having the ‘Queen of Teas by your side’.

Benefits of Assam valley Tea

Heals tooth cavity

Sipping the best variant of tea from Tea Valley, Assam is learned to heal tooth cavity as it is blessed with natural nutrients from the valleys of Assam. With the change in eating habits, the generation of the cavity is said to hamper the health of teeth that leads to decay and tooth break. So, to help your teeth keep at bay from the curse, it is better to include the bliss of tea, especially using it as a gargling solution i.e. after coming out of bed and before going to bed at night.

Keep the body warm

As said by our elders, that tea helps to keep the human body warm and fight all the odds of the winter rainy seasons. Tea by Tea Valley helps you to understand the true taste and the brew of Assam tea that is much relished and suggested for its great taste and added value. Want to try out the same? Place your booking with Tea Valley today.

Enriches your skin

For a long time, it has been seen that if your skin gets withered due to climatic conditions, you open up your bank balance for enumerable beauty products. However, the results are short-lived. But, you can use a healthy way out if you sip Assam tea. Yes, you got this right. Assam tea will help you to gain your natural beauty if you include this in your daily routine. This will purify your blood internally and keep you away from skin problems.

So, choose a natural way!

Fight infection and inflammation

Being a warm supplement, Assam tea fights against odd infections and inflammation. Whenever you get cold, you need to bundle up and make a piping hot cup of Assam tea that is rich in flavors and nutrients that help to brace-up the sick days.

Other than this, the bucket full of benefits also includes:

      • It keeps you away from heart diseases, cancer and increases metabolism.
      • Amplify the quotient of freshness.

So, now that you know the benefits of what you are having with pyaz ka pakora. It is time that you count upon the properties of Assam tea.

Properties of Assam Tea

Well, this is much more than just a cup of piping-hot tea. Assam tea is said to house innumerable sprawling features and properties that deems to come out of the land along the Brahmaputra river. The mesmerizing and aromatic cuisine with exotic dance forms and much more that helps to add more value to the north-eastern state.

To count upon some, let’s cumulate the properties of Assam tea.

Assam Tea is Manufactured from the Hybrid Type of the Original form

Assam tea by the Tea Valley is said to basket and pluck more localized tea-form the Chinese oriented shrub that is called Camellia Sinesis. This is also said to have essential oils that are commercially used for food beverages and perfumes.

This is specially sold as a Breakfast tea

This is also called English breakfast tea and Irish breakfast tea. As Assam tea is rich in its flavor and color, this brings good starts in the day. Just by adding a dash of milk in the decoction of Assam tea, the complete composition changes that invite more sippers to relish the heavenly taste of the original Assam valley.

Assam Tea Valley Follows Another Set of Time

As you visit the bagichas or the gardens of tea, you will note that laborers who are assigned to do the job come all set with their basket with the break of the sunrise. As Assam is situated in the eastern part of the country, it receives the early rays of the bright sun. Keeping a tab with this, the working time in tea valley is set between 9 am to 5 pm. During this time-slot, tea pluckers are seen engaged in removing the fresh tips or the golden tops of the tea shrubs before it loses its nutrients and flavors.

Tea was Cultivated before British Colonisation

As said previously, tea cultivation got pumped after the variant of original Assam Tea got its shoots on the land of China. Robert Bruce discovered the Assam variant of the plant in the valley. It was then grown and nurtured by the Singhpo tribe of Assam who helped the plant to retain and achieve its exclusive style of taste that is much said and appreciated globally.

By witnessing the natural valleys of treasure, Bruce made sure that such valuable products should not be moved to East India Company.

A Storehouse of health benefits

This contains innumerable antioxidants, promotes heart health, supports immune function, has anti cancer effects, and helps with brain development. Assam tea is rich in its supply of natural plant compounds that helps the human body to brace up all odds from going sick.

Assam tea by Tea Valley is the best blend that you have been searching for. It locks the natural taste that is handpicked and sorted of the finest tea leaves from the state which creates the natural amber of pure tea for everyone.

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