Is Tea The Best Option To Lose Weight?

Weight Loss Tea

Tea is not just a beverage that gets welcomed by all, every morning complimenting with favourite biscuit or maska-bun. ( Best Weight Loss Tea ) It is one of the most beneficial drinks that helps one to get back to one’s shape. Now no more hitting to the gym for wearing your precious lehenga or evening gown or even your favourite shirt once again. Just say good morning to your first cup full of bliss and goodness of Tea Valley.

Bringing the pure taste of original Assam tea onto your table, that is freshly plucked from the slopes of Assam valley and nurtured with the minerals of the Brahmaputra River that is crossing the great Himalayas. That gentle hot pour onto the Assam leaves, not only amplifies the aroma of your surroundings, but also rejuvenates your soul & health that is yet to get awakened.

Since the very beginning of time, Best Weight Loss Tea has been associated with many health benefits. This includes protecting cells from damage and reducing the risk of heart disease.

To support the same, some research has shown signs that tea can slash weight gains and help reduce belly fat. Here, we prove the same with our purest form of the original Assam tea.

Ways Our Tea Helps to Best Weight Loss Tea

People around the world like to have a variety of tea, starting from Black to White, Green to Oolong. They all are well induced with a high level of health-promoting substances called flavonoids. Studies suggest that these substances act as antioxidants and may help to stay protected from chronic diseases. So, there is no doubt in claiming that they are the storehouse of wellness.

However, the main issue that arises here is how one can lose weight through drinking tea?

Well, this is possible! Drinking tea can include flavonoids that call catechins into your diet. This may boost metabolism and help your body to break down in a much-simplified form.

On the other hand, once you have lost weight, tea could help you avert metabolism slowdown which is a very common phenomenon after losing weight. So, what do you need to sip in?


      • Green Tea:

    If you are fed up with your belly fat and looking up to homemade remedies, Green tea is one of the supreme choices that you can make. Researchers have contributed that green tea has been an elixir for losing weight. Starting from reviving the metabolism to increasing the release of the fat from the fat cells. It has also been added that daily intake of green tea with the right form of exercise will bring a definite result. From our best services, you can prepare Tulsi Ginger Tea, Zesty Lemon Tea, Ginger Magic Tea that tastes best with Tea Valley Royal and Tea Valley Classic. Add a few tea leaves in hot boiling water and switch off the flame to retain the best blend from the Himalayan tea estate in the Assam Valleys and the Dooars. To amp up the taste, add a few drops of honey or lemon (as it suits you the best) and kick start your day on a healthy note.


        • Black Tea:

      If you are dealing with a cardiovascular problem, this is it. Black tea is known to be rich in flavonoids that are said to deal with heart problems. Studies have found out that regular intake of black tea can slash the chances of heart diseases by half. Keeping our hearts safe, it is also helpful in keeping us away from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglyceride levels, and obesity. By housing Tea Valley, one can enjoy the rich, aromatic, orthodox long leaf with the finest la creme. With the best from the range straight from the Himalayas, Tea Valley offers 100% Original blend, Tea Valley Royal, and Classic. Even if you like to enjoy the original brew at home, you can also get a hands-on over other types. This includes jaggery tea, authentic masala tea, fine lady, cinnamon magic tea, and more.


          • White Tea:

        If you want to experience the lighter version of your tea, white tea suits you the best. Contrary to going with its name, white tea is slightly yellow that houses a delicate flavor to match. There is no extraordinary thing that comes in a white teacup. It is just that young leaves are picked up as the leaves are beginning to bud from the plant. The natural taste and style of drying up the tea leaves include sun-drying that laces a nice, light, fruity, and sweet flavor to your cup.  If you want to experience the original taste of Assam tea in the form of white tea, you can pick Tea Valley Classic. It’s time to welcome the healthy regime that is packed with antioxidants and low in caffeine percentage.


            • Oolong Tea:

          This is one of the cousins of white tea, that is slightly different. The leaves of Oolong tea are oxidized to give an especially eccentric taste and benevolent aroma. Being light in its texture, this tea variety fights obesity and thus helps to keep your weight under control. It also helps to fight diseases and improve the cognitive function of your brain.

          Which is Our Perfect Blend for Your Toned Body?

          Apt for the new living and style, Tea Valley is more than just a brand. By delivering the finest, rich, and more, Tea Valley extends a healthy option to kick-start your day. It is interesting to add that being one of the leading tea beverage companies of India, Tea Valley employs experienced master blenders with years of experience down the line.

          Let’s know what are good taste blenders that are beneficial for your health and fat belly.


              • Tulsi Ginger Tea:

            When it comes to switching healthy options, tulsi or holy basil is the right choice. Being accountable for its Ayurvedic roots, Tulsi helps to amplify the body’s metabolism. This further helps to boost digestion naturally and eliminate toxins from the body. Now, when rich and healthy options get clubbed with antioxidants laden with ginger, the effects are phenomenal. So, what are you waiting for? Bring water to a boil, add washed and grated ginger (without peeling off its skin) and tulsi leaves in the boiling water. Boil 1-2 minutes. Turn off the heat, add a few leaves of Tea Valley Classic to the vessel before straining the tea. Serve with few drops of honey or few drops of fresh-cut lemon to enhance the taste.


                • Jaggery Tea Best Weight Loss Tea

              To boost the body’s metabolism, one can encourage the use of jaggery in the place of sugar. Additionally, one can also include lemon juice that will help to slash down extra kilos. As both of them can be easily found in all Indian kitchens, jaggery (Gur) and lemon are the ingredients that are the best fit with the goodness of health benefits. To prepare jaggery tea for yourself, foremost prepare your homemade tea (the way you do every day). At the time of adding sugar, replace it by adding jaggery to the tea mixture. Stir till the jaggery melts and serve it hot. Chef’s tip: At the time of adding tea leaves to the mixture, you can use Tea Valley Royal or Utsah for better taste and aroma of tea.


                  • Zesty Lemon TeaBest Weight Loss Tea

                This is one of the healthy and light forms of tea where lemon is playing the lead role. Counting upon its benefits, lemon helps with better hydration, is a good source of Vitamin C, supports weight loss, heals skin damage, prevents kidney stones, and more. Now, that you are all set to reduce your bulging fat, it’s time to choose lemon by your side. Prepare quick tea (raw tea) and strain. Add a few drops of lemon, honey and give it a mix.


                  Elaichi or cardamom is one of the important spices in every Indian home that is used for multiple options. This offers a strong smell and flavour that is slightly sweet. Adding further, studies show that cardamom powder usage helps to prevent fat deposits when consuming a high-fat diet. So infuse some cardamom aroma in your cup. Firstly, prepare tea as you as you do everyday by using Tea Valley Royal or Classic, or even Utsah, and then add few cardamom pods into it. Lower the flame or put out the flame. Let the tea settle down before you sieve and enjoy the authentic taste of Kadak Elaichi Chai.


                    Adrak or commonly known as ginger is the perfect rooted vegetable that amplifies the taste of every food that includes its blend. Ginger contains compounds called gingerols and shogaols that stimulate several biological activities in the body. Additionally, it heals cardiovascular damage, prevents the side effects of being overweight, and more. You just need to boil water, add ginger juliennes and boil as the flavour and the juices ooze out from the rooted vegetable. Add tea leaves like Oolong or Tea Valley Classic for its better taste. Let it rest. Turn off the heat, add a few drops of honey or lemon. Serve hot.

                    Into Your Cup

                    When it comes to teacup, it usually gets all the flavours mixed for a healthy and happy cup of tea that is made with pure love. We at Tea Valley are determined to bring something new and fresh from the tea estates of Assam Valley, the Brahmaputra belt. So, next time you want to lose weight and enjoy a good cup of tea, you have the option ready with us.

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