Black tea qualities, and benefits

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Did You Taste the Queen of the Tea from the Assam Valley?

Best known for breakfast teas, Assam tea is the leading choice for its darker-rich-malty flavor. Is there any other option that you can count upon?

Tea has been a staple beverage of Indian Homes. Be it summers or winters, tea is something that rarely gets ignored. The state of Assam is famous for two things- green mountains, forests and of course ‘Tea’. It is known for producing black tea which is said to be a perfect blend of the most flavourful drink with the break of the day. Additionally, after counting upon its perfect taste, this also coins the other sides having the ‘Queen of Teas by your side’.

Benefits of Assam Tea

  1. Heals tooth cavity
  2. Sipping the best variant of tea from Tea Valley, Assam is learned to heal tooth cavity as it is blessed with natural nutrients from the valleys of Assam. With the change in eating habits, the generation of the cavity is said to hamper the health of teeth that leads to decay and tooth break. So, to help your teeth keep at bay from the curse, it is better to include the bliss of tea, especially using it as a gargling solution i.e. after coming out of bed and before going to bed at night.

  3. Keep the body warm
  4. As said by our elders, that tea helps to keep the human body warm and fight all the odds of the winter rainy seasons. Tea by Tea Valley helps you to understand the true taste and the brew of Assam tea that is much relished and suggested for its great taste and added value. Want to try out the same? Place your booking with Tea Valley today.


  5. Enriches your skin
  6. For a long time, it has been seen that if your skin gets withered due to climatic conditions, you open up your bank balance for enumerable beauty products. However, the results are short-lived. But, you can use a healthy way out if you sip Assam tea. Yes, you got this right. Assam tea will help you to gain your natural beauty if you include this in your daily routine. This will purify your blood internally and keep you away from skin problems.

    So, choose a natural way!

  7. Fight infection and inflammation
  8. Being a warm supplement, Assam tea fights against odd infections and inflammation. Whenever you get cold, you need to bundle up and make a piping hot cup of Assam tea that is rich in flavors and nutrients that help to brace-up the sick days.

    Other than this, the bucket full of benefits also includes:

    • It keeps you away from heart diseases, cancer and increases metabolism.
    • Amplify the quotient of freshness.

    So, now that you know the benefits of what you are having with pyaz ka pakora. It is time that you count upon the properties of Assam tea.

Properties of Assam Tea

Well, this is much more than just a cup of piping-hot tea. Assam tea is said to house innumerable sprawling features and properties that deems to come out of the land along the Brahmaputra river. The mesmerizing and aromatic cuisine with exotic dance forms and much more that helps to add more value to the north-eastern state.

To count upon some, let’s cumulate the properties of Assam tea.

  1. Assam Tea is Manufactured from the Hybrid Type of the Original form
  2. Assam tea by the Tea Valley is said to basket and pluck more localized tea-form the Chinese oriented shrub that is called Camellia Sinesis. This is also said to have essential oils that are commercially used for food beverages and perfumes.

  3. This is specially sold as a Breakfast tea
  4. This is also called English breakfast tea and Irish breakfast tea. As Assam tea is rich in its flavor and color, this brings good starts in the day. Just by adding a dash of milk in the decoction of Assam tea, the complete composition changes that invite more sippers to relish the heavenly taste of the original Assam valley.

  5. Assam Tea Valley Follows Another Set of Time
  6. As you visit the bagichas or the gardens of tea, you will note that laborers who are assigned to do the job come all set with their basket with the break of the sunrise. As Assam is situated in the eastern part of the country, it receives the early rays of the bright sun. Keeping a tab with this, the working time in tea valley is set between 9 am to 5 pm. During this time-slot, tea pluckers are seen engaged in removing the fresh tips or the golden tops of the tea shrubs before it loses its nutrients and flavors.

  7. Tea was Cultivated before British Colonisation
  8. As said previously, tea cultivation got pumped after the variant of original Assam Tea got its shoots on the land of China. Robert Bruce discovered the Assam variant of the plant in the valley. It was then grown and nurtured by the Singhpo tribe of Assam who helped the plant to retain and achieve its exclusive style of taste that is much said and appreciated globally.

    By witnessing the natural valleys of treasure, Bruce made sure that such valuable products should not be moved to East India Company.

  9. A Storehouse of health benefits
  10. This contains innumerable antioxidants, promotes heart health, supports immune function, has anti cancer effects, and helps with brain development. Assam tea is rich in its supply of natural plant compounds that helps the human body to brace up all odds from going sick.

    Assam tea by Tea Valley is the best blend that you have been searching for. It locks the natural taste that is handpicked and sorted of the finest tea leaves from the state which creates the natural amber of pure tea for everyone.

How is tea overpowering coffee?

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Are you a True Chai-Lover? Brew-up for something Healthy in 2021

Chai-Cha-Chaha… it all tastes the same. Be it from any state, any lingual land, tea won’t taste different unless you mess with it. So, hey all chai-lovers, be good to yourself, and pick a cup of health and happiness with Tea Valley.

Be it bed tea or breakfast or evening tea- Tea is a super-duper drink to cheer-up the mood from any situation or circumstances. Especially, people in India look-up for occasions or even just a moment to sit down with a cup full of steaming hot tea and some crunchy companion to go with it. This can be called a moment to celebrate with Tea Valley where every event is sipped with truly original Assam tea.

So, how does tea stand amazing over coffee? Counting upon its origin, tea got its root in the Chinese province which was then led by Shen Nung. As said by the researchers, Shen Nung once was strolling in his garden when a leaf of tea dropped into his bowl of hot water. The then emperor sniffed the fragrance, tasted it, and liked it. So, this is how the cultivation and spread of tea got globally renowned.

On the other hand, coffee has also gained momentum in today’s world, but not like tea. In this blog, we’ll learn how tea has overshadowed coffee and its caffeine intake.

Tea is a Fantastic Option for Hydrating the Body

Well, this is not a joke. Many skip this option of having tea under the scorching heat of summer. It is assumed that increasing the number of intakes of this beverage will make you feel uncomfortable, but this is like a myth. Tea has a good amount of fluid and nutrients that come in handy while a person feels sweaty and exhausted in summer. Additionally, tea is also a great option for hydrating your skin.

Curable Treatment Against Cancer

According to early studies, it is shown that tea can reduce the risk of cancer. Especially, green tea has been discussed as a cancer-buster drink. This includes:

  • Improving immune system that stands capable of fighting cancer.
  • Improve health, energy level, and well-being.
  • Get rid of toxicity from the body.
  • Provide control over cancer and treatment.
  • Treat cancer as the ultimate situation.

Tea will Make You Push More

Well, this is not just a beverage to choose from, tea is the supreme choice with a low percentage of caffeine. After, subsiding instances of cancer, Chai can fight the medical emergency dealing with heart problems. Additionally, this will also improve:

  • Weight loss
  • Extends a stronger immunity system
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Provide mental alertness

It is Easier than Making Coffee

According to the recent past, one coffee variety has excelled over the internet i.e. Dalgona coffee during the lockdown period. But, has the new form of coffee been able to swipe through the taste of chai which we all have cherished since our childhood? Maybe no. Coffee has not been able to replace the much-loved beverage of India and when it is made with fine leaves of Tea Valley, then the tea is a much easier choice to make and enjoy with friends and family.

Tea can Help You Shrug-Off Some Weight

Yes, count upon the television ads which we all follow as Shraddha Kapoor claims to take the healthy steps by drinking green tea. Being a light option, green tea is loaded with antioxidants that include some health benefits. This includes:

  • Improvement of Brain Function
  • Fat Loss
  • Protecting Against Cancer
  • Lowering the Risk of Heart Diseases

Well, there is no doubt to claim that tea is a storehouse. It is you who need to understand that this is what you need to have while you brave all the odds of COVID-19.

Stay Safe, Sip Great!

How Is Assam Tea So Famous In The World?

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Have you Sipped the most Flavoursome Tea in the World?

There is no doubt that Assam tea is the most liked beverage in the world. Its strong, nutty, earthy flavour creates a benchmark above other tea in the world. As a suggestion, it tastes heavenly when added with milk and sugar to bring out its true flavour.

Counting the best versions that the eastern state serves us with, Assam extends the world’s finest silk i.e. Mekhela Chaddar to almost every corner of the world. To add more weight age to this, the state also houses one-horned Indian Rhinoceros, wild water buffaloes, tigers, various species of Asiatic birds, and more. But, one that amplifies its fame internationally is ‘Assam tea’. This is the gem of all.

Being famously called the ‘land of the red river and blue hills’, Assam yields approximately 680.5 million kg of tea every year. This is much more than the mango yield that the nation relishes in its summer days. However, there are many other staples that the nation thrives with and exports in large quantity to mint up.

Assam tea is known for its earthy and malty flavour that becomes persistent for the overall story for the Indian beverage that is much liked and carted in every gully (narrow street) or road and even branded shops to enjoy.

Are you sipping the original Assam Tea?

By its look and feel, Assam tea leaves are glossy and darker in colour when processed. Due to its bold and rich taste, the tea from the north-eastern state makes a unique mark in the Indian homes for its gourmet.

Assam Tea: The Gem of North East

Well, there are other occupations of the state which run the bread and butter of the people. This includes agriculture, oil refining, and sericulture. But, tea estates have gained more space in the hearts of natives than others. According to research, the tea field employs ⅕ of the people which results in a vast number of families dependent on tea productions.

According to research, Assam is the second most crucial tea producer in the world (only after China) that exports to other nations. This includes sending the excellent brew to Russia, Iran, Australia, United States, and more.


Being the weather-fit ingredient, tea covers 304 thousand hectares which produces only 10% for its native people and exports the rest for other countries to sip.

Is it that blend which you need every day?


Yes, without any doubt! Tea drinkers in the world seriously cannot imagine anything replacing tea. They say it punches them for the day to start fresh. Due to certain properties of high minerals and antioxidants in the leaves, Assam tea helps to rejuvenate your immunity which in turn helps fight cold and cough. Additionally, it is also a house full of aid for healthy living.

For instance, it keeps you fit and helps shrug-off additional fat from your body. It also accelerates the metabolism rate which awards you an energetic boost. It helps you to fight cancer, severe heart disease, and improve your digestion.

If you deal with oral problems, chewing Assam tea leaves will help you gain fresh breath and prevent cavity formation.

All-in-all, Assam tea is a cup of elixir which you need to stay fit and healthy!

Chai from Tea Valley

Be it tea or chai, it is the need for you to stay refreshed and healthy at the same time. Unlike other tea and brands, where one can face health issues like indigestion, Tea Valley provides you the richest and genuinely authentic flavour of tea without tampering with its natural nutrients.

So, this surely leaves us with a magnanimous mark on pure tea-drinking habits that help us reach for the best from the rest.

Chai Culture Of India & How It Has Evolved

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No matter where you are in India, you’re not away from chai, be it a restaurant, cafe, tapri or home. Different taste, different quantities, yet the same feeling…

Of course, home tea is the best, but nothing like the smallest tapri of the town. The smaller the stall, the better the tea.

Most chai stalls are nooks for socialization, where people find different topics of discussion be it sports, new series on Netflix, politics, or gossips.

Want to chat up about something? Let’s drink Chai!


No single weather but all weathers and seasons are perfect for chai. Be it Chai-Pakora in the rain or Chai-Maggi in winters, the combinations never get old. It is considered to be the ideal companion for a person.

Tea is often served in the morning or when guests arrive, or early evening with Indian snacks. Though there is no specific time for tea. In India, tea is much more than a drink to begin your day with. It has become an integral part of the culture and life of every Indian.

Drinking tea has become an elaborate culture in India, where many people now host tea-parties, celebrating special occasions. Chai has become a sign of hospitality and it builds connections like no other form of food or drink.

Chai is like a conversation starter and helps to communicate better. Be it a first date or meeting your friend after a long time.

It gives a boost to start up a new day. In fact, tea-time is associated with an idea of stopping every activity to take a moment to sip Chai and have a small chat.

People have been drinking tea for so long that its origin story is rooted in mythology. More than 4,700 years ago, one popular version of the story goes, a legendary Chinese emperor named Shennong discovered how to make a tea infusion when a wind blew leaves from a nearby bush into the water he was boiling. As the culture surrounding tea has changed through the centuries, so, too, have the tools we use to drink it.

Earlier dainty tea bowls, then mugs to get the warmth of tea to now tea sets have changed to meet the cultural needs.

Earlier tea leaves were compressed into tea cakes, then to powdered form. The most revolutionary was the tea bag, which is still used along with loose tea leaves, which are directly infused in boiling water to get the aroma and flavour.

So, there we see the importance and culture of Chai in India, and the way it has evolved in all these years.


Different Types Of Tea You Must Try In 2021

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How Many Types of Tea Have You Tried Out Till Now?

Tea tasting can be a responsible duty. But, for us it a sheer hot cup of love poured out with lots of affection and aroma. Tea Valley helps you prepare the ‘World’s Best Tea’ by blending in all the flavors of the tiny tea leaves into your cup every day.

Well, there is no doubt in claiming that 2020 was the worst year for all of us across the globe. But, today we have successfully stepped in to get better and shrug-off the apathy that made us miserable. So, to mend things once again… let’s discuss a large variety of piping hot cup of tea and get started. Yes, it is that simple! You just need to have a strong belief in yourself and sip in the brewing hot cup of ‘aromatic liquid ambrosia’ – Tea to kick-off the year.

Which type of tea you normally tray-out?

Being a home-growing land for tea, here we have a large variety of tea on the slopes of Assam, Darjeeling, and the Nilgiris. Be it any occasion of any season, tea is the most loved beverage and picked-up by many to accept the invitation. Starting from ‘Cutting Chai’ to ‘Masala Chai’ or even green tea for fitness freaks- tea by Tea Valley is the No.1 choice for all tea-lovers in the country.


What new you need to try out in 2021?

Step 1: Classic White Tea: Getting the original taste of the tea is mesmerizing. One can imagine the greenery around the ‘chai-bagichas’(Tea Gardens). The classic blend of super aromatic leaves gives you the delicate scent of the silver needle-like ‘Patti’/leaves that help tranquilize your tension. Being infused with the malty-flavor of Assam, we help you get the natural flavors of tea best served with the crunchy companion.

Step 2: Premium Black Tea: Not every black thing is evil. Simple black tea can help to rejuvenate your soul with remarkable flavors. Try out the authentic Assam-grown first flush and second flush type that has a native astringent taste and goodness of perfect blend. Tea Valley helps you get everything in a much mannered and tasteful way as you softly boil the long leaves in water.

Step 3: Green tea for fitness freak: Well, it is good to start a healthy way at the right time. But many freak out about having green tea for the first time. Many complain that the pungent and coarse-taste leaves them dazed for the day. But, not now! You can love green tea and fit-in your favorite dress and shirt once again. So, get energized and de-stress yourself with Tea Valley premium blends that are best served with lemon zest and few drops of honey to make it a cup full of life…

Step 4: Royal Tea for Chai: The typical Indian chai that we all know from the very beginning doesn’t need any introduction. Starting from boiling the water to adding milk and then passing over to adding the best aromatic leaves that adds color and taste to the ‘Chai’. So, here start the original story of the tea that gets a twist of taste every 100 kilometers.

Step 5: Fusion with Tea: TBeing a parent element of the story, tea is the showstopper. To add fusion to it, you can add elaichi (Cardamom), dalchini (Cinnamon), sonth(dried ginger), and more.

So, what are you waiting for? Get rejuvenated with a large variety of chai and let’s add some story to it.

Be it gossip or discussion over ‘Chai’, people across the globe tend to pour their hearts out while sipping in this elixir. So, this is something one needs to continue to enjoy with a premium set of tea varieties near their stove.

To know this better, explore our wide range of tea from ‘Tea Valley’.

Tea Garden To Cup Of Rejuvenation: The Journey Of Tea Leaves

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Tea has been widely accepted as the most refreshing and rejuvenating beverage consumed across the globe. Welcoming a guest with rich milky brew, unwinding a heavy day with an aromatic black or ending a slow day with a light green tea. There is a tea available for every moment. You also have to appreciate the complexity of plucking a tea leaf and transforming it into a gracious beverage for a tea lover. And yes, the most critical aspect are those human hands carefully collecting the correct leaves just so you may enjoy them at your leisure.

Well, we would like to give you a taster of how all the magic is created ending in your tiny little cup. You begin with the tea plant which is known as Camellia Sinensis. At the core, it’s the same plant for every cup of tea. White Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea and Black Tea; these all come from the same family, Camellia Sinensis. The processing methods of the tea leaves will determine the type of tea produced.

Manufacture of tea is a lengthy process. A lot of effort is put in to prepare the best quality tea. The process can be counted as one of the methods in which the tea leaves of Camellia Sinensis plant are dried and made ready for brewing. There are many different stages to it. Each stage has been carefully crafted to preserve the quality, flavour and aroma of tea. Different processes that are done on the tea leaves give us different varieties of tea. These are then packed and delivered to you so you may take the pleasure of drinking them whenever you feel like having it. Now let’s discover each tea production process from the fresh, green tea leaves to the perfect cup of tea.

Step 1: The Harvest

Harvesting is the beginning of the processing technique used in tea manufacture. It can be considered as the most labour-intensive activity of the tea growing season because tea crops are being cut with utmost care and keen-sightedness. It’s the genuine human touch that matters.

Step 2: Wither those leaves

As soon as the tea leaves are plucked from their respective plants, they start wilting naturally. They are quickly sent to the tea processing facilities so that the wilting process further happens in a controlled environment for the proper development of aroma and flavour in the leaves. This process is called withering. In other words, withering process involves a controlled wither where the tea leaves are spread and laid on the bamboo tarps or mats, or indoor troughs with forced air. The spreading out of the tea leaves helps to retain the natural aroma and flavour of the tea leaves.

Step 3: Bruising or Roll Breaking

Rolling is the next step in the process. It involves the twisting and breaking of the tea leaves to release natural juices. This type of processing initiates fermentation by activating certain enzymes. Tea leaves also get a perfect curl through rolling process.

Step 4: Oxidizing determines the type

After bruising, leaves are left to oxidize or turn brown for oolong or black teas. The leaves are laid out again and left to fade. Now that the cell walls are broken, the leaves are turned brown by an enzymatic reaction. To put it simply, oxidation is the reaction of tea leaves with oxygen in the air.

The oxidation process is what determines the type of tea that will be produced – white tea, green tea, oolong tea, or black tea.  It is also when much of the tea’s taste and aroma is established. The tea processing units control the amount of oxidation of the tea leaves. Typically, the temperature in the tea room is kept between 25 to 30°C and humidity, between 60%-70%. Depending on the amount of time the tea leaves are oxidized, their taste and smell differ. Green tea undergoes very minimal oxidation. White tea is 1-10% oxidized, Oolong is semi-oxidized and however black tea is oxidized most of all.

Step 5: Drying before packaging

The final stage in the production process is conducted with great care; drying the leaves by gently heating those halts the oxidation stage and seals in flavour. Once the leaves have been oxidized, they are introduced to hot dryers. They are also fired or roasted on controlled temperatures for a fixed amount of time. This further reduces the moisture content to less than 1%. The tea is now ready to be packed and shipped directly to your teapot.

Each cup of tea you enjoy was lovingly tended by dozens of hands as it moved from the fields to the factory to your kitchen. Tea Valley blends are purely made from Assam tea which gives you a wonderful experience and makes every moment memorable. These run through high-quality checks by experts before packaging. So, enjoy the richness and purity of tea Valleys of Assam that will make your every morning delightful and refreshing.

Health Benefits Of The Truly Original Assam Tea

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Waking up to a cup of hot tea? That’s like a ritual for most Indians every morning and indeed is a way of life. India is the land of the best tea in the world and Assam is the prime region for Tea cultivation. Assam is one of the most beautiful states in India that is known for its alluring river valleys, mountains and hills. The fact that it is surrounded by the Northern Himalayas, the Brahmaputra plains and the Deccan plateau on three sides – makes it one of the richest biodiversity zones in the world. Assam tea is also, classified as a type of black tea and is commonly referred to as English breakfast or Irish breakfast tea. There are many health benefits of drinking Assam black tea. And some of them are:

  • Boosts Immune System
  • Boost Heart Health
  • Helps in controlling Blood Pressure
  • Lowers blood sugar levels
  • Enhances Alertness
  • Improves Digestion
  • Amazing anti-oxidant
  • Improves Bone Health
  • Stress Reliever
  • Stimulates metabolism and respiratory system
  • Aids Weight loss

Tea Valley tea is 100% authentic Assam black tea enriched with orthodox long leaves, which gives the tea a fine, rich flavour and malty taste. The Truly original Tea Valley Assam tea is packed with all the natural flavonoids, antioxidants as well as other naturally occurring plant compounds which are healthy and will keep you refreshed. So, refresh yourself with the perfect cup of Truly Original Tea Valley tea.

The Pristine Taste Of Assam

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We probably don’t have to explain why we love tea. Our day is incomplete without that hot cup of tea. Well, there are many types of tea which people sip in their everyday lives, but we’ll be talking about the most loved tea of India which is Assam tea.

Assam Tea is one of the premium teas of India and has a rich, deep-amber colour and is famous for its rich, full-bodied cup. It is especially known for its strong, unique aroma and malty character which is made purely from the leaves of the plant Camellia Sinensis. Orthodox tea which is both hand processed and CTC tea with the Crush/Tear/Curl processing are produced here. Assam produces around 507 million kg of tea per year thus making it the largest tea growing region in the world. The tea produced in the valley of Assam not only wins on taste but also offers numerous health benefits.

• It contains several unique plant compounds which function as antioxidants in your body and may play a role in chronic disease prevention.
• Studies have found that Assam tea can help to improve mental alertness and with the notable levels of antioxidants, it can also prevent oxidative stress in the brain.
• The active ingredients in this tea have been linked to improving the integrity of your blood vessels and arteries and reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease.
• Tea of this region contains vitamin A and E which are good for the skin and also purify your blood, making your skin glow always.
The 100% truly original blends of Tea Valley are handpicked purely from the most pristine tea estates of Assam with rich aroma and intricate flavours making it a perfect morning tea to wake up with. So, make your everyday tea experience delightful with our interesting blends and enjoy the richness of the tea valleys of Assam.

Five Types Of Tea And How They Can Change Your Life

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Tea is like the elixir of life for us Indians. While we drink this beverage unconsciously on a regular basis, we often forget to assess its nutritional value. Today, we are going to break down the benefits of drinking different types of teas for all you tea-lovers. So that the next time you drink a cup of freshly-made tea, you are aware of its ingredients and benefits.

Black Tea – The most common form of tea consumed by Indians, is the black tea which is stronger in flavour as it is highly oxidized. This type of tea retains its flavour for years together and helps reduce cholesterol level in your bloodstream. Black tea also comes with anti-ageing properties and a host of vitamins which protect you from pollutants, dementia, sunburn, tooth and gum related diseases.

Green Tea – The Green Tea has recently come into limelight for its long list of health benefits. Although not the tastiest of the lot, people have come up with unique ways of drinking Green Tea. Some of the most precious advantages of drinking this type of tea include protection from cancer, cavities, high blood pressure and cholesterol.

White Tea – The most minimally processed variety of tea happens to be the White Tea. It is richly laden with antioxidants and acts as a catalyst in weight reduction. In case you are suffering from osteoporosis, white tea is a great agent to help you recover. This kind of tea is also amazing at fighting bacteria in the mouth. It is also known to help with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Oolong Tea – Oolong Tea is known to contain more caffeine than the other varieties. This in turn boosts the cerebral capacity and makes one a fast thinker. Being rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, Oolong Tea is a great drink to induce weight loss, prevent ovarian cancer, rid your skin of eczema, strengthen your bones and much more.

Loose Tea – Tea bags tend to have lower quality or broken leaves and tea dust, which in turn produces fewer anti-oxidants and more caffeine. On the other hand, loose tea leaves are superior in quality and have more polyphenol antioxidants. Moreover, premium hand-picked loose leaf teas can be re–infused several times.

Now that you are aware of all the fabulous benefits that come from various types of tea, you are good to go on your journey of exploring the world of tea and becoming an instant fan.

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Five Reasons You Should Shift To Tea

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We have all grown up hearing tales about magic potions and their incredible properties. In India, this magic potion is better known as ‘Chai’. We are all aware of the magical properties of this wake-me-up beverage as it’s a steaming cup of ‘Chai’ that gives us the boost to start each day a new. Well, if you are guilty of preferring other beverages, here are five good reasons why you should choose ‘Chai’ i.e. tea over any of them:

Filled with antioxidants – If you believe in all things organic and good for your body, you should definitely switch to tea. The antioxidants in tea keep you young and protected from the everyday pollution that is very much a part of our urban lives.

Defends you from Heart Attack & Stroke – There is nothing better than sipping on a cup of tea that rejuvenates you instantly and gives you a healthier heart at the same time! Not only is the queen of beverages good for your senses but it is also definitely protecting you from heart diseases so you can lead a robust and active life

Induces weight loss – Yes, working out is fun and a great source of well-being. But what if we told you that consuming green tea will not only energize you in a jiffy but also help you smile when you look down at the weighing scale? So, go on and dip that tea bag on some hot water already!

Improves digestion – Herbal tea is known to strengthen your immunity and boost your digestion. If you are suffering from irritable bowel movement and inflammation, try out some chamomile tea that comes with soothing properties that also eliminate menstrual cramps.

Contains less caffeine – If you are a coffee-lover, you are already aware of the disadvantages that come with caffeine intake. Drinking copious amounts of coffee lead to irritability, restlessness, higher levels of stress and so on. Thankfully herbal tea contains no caffeine or added sugar, which ensures that you get all the natural benefits of consuming tea in its purest form. Whether you are suffering from cold, nausea, stress or depression – herbal tea is the answer to it all.

So, there you have it, the reasons you should switch to tea for refreshment and health. We hope you enjoyed reading the article, follow the Tea Valley blog for more anecdotes about healthy living.

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