Chai Lovers, This Is The Awesome Stirring List That You Need This Monsoon

Chai Lovers This is the best season to sip the original blend of Assam tea as the rain moistens the atmosphere and one craves to enjoy hot tea with some crunchy companion like pyaaz pakora.

Tea is the ultimate choice that one needs to have to rejuvenate one soul from all the tiredness of the day. Being a sleepy and splashy season, rain is the best time of the year when one looks forward to having something warm and refreshing. Tea Valley is the ultimate choice for all Chai Lovers of India who love to have a chit-chat with chai and pakora. Here, we club up the most liked and tried-out tea types that you would want to relish with your loved ones by grabbing a place on your favourite couch, by the window sill, and endless gazing outside.

  • Mumbai Cutting Chai

It is the much talked about tea-style that comes from the glamour world. It is the best suited chai if you are enjoying the rainy season. Best made from Assam tea, this cutting chai is a great example of an aromatic pour that is stirred with the goodness of ginger and cardamom to make you warm from inside. To add to this more, this strong cup of tea can be complemented with bhel, a tempting vada pav, or even steaming hot samosas direct from kadhai.

  • Kashmiri Chai

It can be pink in colour but its delicious taste gourmets the purity of the pious land from where it hails. Also called Noon Chai, Kashmiri chai is a well delectable tea that is a composition of baking soda, milk, and cardamom. This can be well enjoyed as the most traditional pour by adding a few granules of ‘Tea Valley Royal’. Just serve with freshly baked cookies and biscuits and witness the change in your mood.

Darjeeling Ruby Chai for chai lovers

Well, you can be away from the beautiful waadiyan of the Northeast. But, this tea-type will surely give you a push to visit Darjeeling once in your lifetime and pay ode to the beautiful, fresh green slopes of Tea Valley. However, till the time you visit the ‘Toy Train city’, you can enjoy the freshly plucked Assam tea leaves in your home. Yes, prepare a cup of Darjeeling Ruby Chai that is befitting with a soft floral fragrance, and a kick of the sweetness of honey and inbuilt fruity flavor to sip.

So, choose a natural way!

  • Masala Chai

When it comes to the rainy or winter season, it is a natural human tendency that one seeks a cozy place for oneself. To make it warmer, masala chai is the age-old option to embrace the season. So, taste the most unique aroma of chai, you can relish the strong Assam tea pumped with a fusion of natural spices that we all get in our Indian homes. So, get ready to sip in the most elegant tea laced with flavors of cardamom, cloves, and ginger. Try out yourself and write to us about how much you liked it.

  • Green Tea

Well, you need to break the stereotype that green tea can only be sipped during the morning. Green tea is that one refreshing beverage that can be enjoyed even if you have come home all drenched from the rain. Infused with various vitamins like A, B, and C, green tea can be best prepared with a dash of lemon juice, or simply served with a few drops of honey. So, choose a healthy option if you are a fitness freak and want to look as young as ‘sweet sixteen’…

Tea Valley is a great option to Chai Lovers sip the best tea of Assam within your budget. Starting from Tea Valley’s – Royal to Classic, Original and Utsah, this tea brand has always served a wide range of tea variants with the added value of freshness and health. So, be it any season, let Tea Valley be by your side and refresh every moment of life with health and happiness.

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