Different Types Of Tea You Must Try In 2021

How Many Types of Tea Have You Tried Out Till Now?

Tea tasting can be a responsible duty. But, for us it a sheer hot cup of love poured out with lots of affection and aroma. Tea Valley tell different types of tea and it helps you prepare the ‘World’s Best Tea’ by blending in all the flavors of the tiny tea leaves into your cup every day.

Well, there is no doubt in claiming that 2020 was the worst year for all of us across the globe. But, today we have successfully stepped in to get better and shrug-off the apathy that made us miserable. So, to mend things once again… let’s discuss a large variety of piping hot cup of tea and get started. Yes, it is that simple! You just need to have a strong belief in yourself and sip in the brewing hot cup of ‘aromatic liquid ambrosia’ – Tea to kick-off the year.

Which different type of tea you normally tray-out?

Being a home-growing land for tea, here we have a large different types of tea on the slopes of Assam, Darjeeling, and the Nilgiris. Be it any occasion of any season, tea is the most loved beverage and picked-up by many to accept the invitation. Starting from ‘Cutting Chai’ to ‘Masala Chai’ or even green tea for fitness freaks- tea by Tea Valley is the No.1 choice for all tea-lovers in the country.

What new you need to try out in 2021?

Step 1: Classic White Tea: Getting the original taste of the tea is mesmerizing. One can imagine the greenery around the ‘chai-bagichas’(Tea Gardens). The classic blend of super aromatic leaves gives you the delicate scent of the silver needle-like ‘Patti’/leaves that help tranquilize your tension. Being infused with the malty-flavor of Assam, we help you get the natural flavors of tea best served with the crunchy companion.

Step 2: Premium Black Tea: Not every black thing is evil. Simple black tea can help to rejuvenate your soul with remarkable flavors. Try out the authentic Assam-grown first flush and second flush type that has a native astringent taste and goodness of perfect blend. Tea Valley helps you get everything in a much mannered and tasteful way as you softly boil the long leaves in water.

Step 3: Green tea for fitness freak: Well, it is good to start a healthy way at the right time. But many freak out about having green tea for the first time. Many complain that the pungent and coarse-taste leaves them dazed for the day. But, not now! You can love green tea and fit-in your favorite dress and shirt once again. So, get energized and de-stress yourself with Tea Valley premium blends that are best served with lemon zest and few drops of honey to make it a cup full of life…

Step 4: Royal Tea for Chai: The typical Indian chai that we all know from the very beginning doesn’t need any introduction. Starting from boiling the water to adding milk and then passing over to adding the best aromatic leaves that adds color and taste to the ‘Chai’. So, here start the original story of the tea that gets a twist of taste every 100 kilometers.

Step 5: Fusion with Tea: TBeing a parent element of the story, tea is the showstopper. To add fusion to it, you can add elaichi (Cardamom), dalchini (Cinnamon), sonth(dried ginger), and more.

So, what are you waiting for? Get rejuvenated with a large variety of chai and let’s add some story to it.

Be it gossip or discussion over ‘Chai’, people across the globe tend to pour their hearts out while sipping in this elixir. So, this is something one needs to continue to enjoy with a premium set of tea varieties near their stove.

To know this better, explore our wide range of tea from ‘Tea Valley’.

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