Five Reasons You Should Shift To Tea

We have all grown up hearing tales about magic potions and their incredible properties. In India, this magic potion is better known as ‘Chai’. We are all aware of the magical properties of this wake-me-up beverage as it’s a steaming cup of ‘Chai’ that gives us the boost to start each day a new. Well, if you are guilty of preferring other beverages, here are five good reasons why you should choose ‘Chai’ i.e. tea over any of them:

Filled with antioxidants – If you believe in all things organic and good for your body, you should definitely switch to tea. The antioxidants in tea keep you young and protected from the everyday pollution that is very much a part of our urban lives.

Defends you from Heart Attack & Stroke – There is nothing better than sipping on a cup of tea that rejuvenates you instantly and gives you a healthier heart at the same time! Not only is the queen of beverages good for your senses but it is also definitely protecting you from heart diseases so you can lead a robust and active life

Induces weight loss – Yes, working out is fun and a great source of well-being. But what if we told you that consuming green tea will not only energize you in a jiffy but also help you smile when you look down at the weighing scale? So, go on and dip that tea bag on some hot water already!

Improves digestion – Herbal tea is known to strengthen your immunity and boost your digestion. If you are suffering from irritable bowel movement and inflammation, try out some chamomile tea that comes with soothing properties that also eliminate menstrual cramps.

Contains less caffeine – If you are a coffee-lover, you are already aware of the disadvantages that come with caffeine intake. Drinking copious amounts of coffee lead to irritability, restlessness, higher levels of stress and so on. Thankfully herbal tea contains no caffeine or added sugar, which ensures that you get all the natural benefits of consuming tea in its purest form. Whether you are suffering from cold, nausea, stress or depression – herbal tea is the answer to it all.

So, there you have it, the reasons you should switch to tea for refreshment and health. We hope you enjoyed reading the article, follow the Tea Valley blog for more anecdotes about healthy living.

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