Have you Sipped the most Flavoursome Tea in the World?

There is no doubt that Assam tea is the most liked beverage in the world. Its strong, nutty, earthy flavour creates a benchmark above other tea in the world. As a suggestion, it tastes heavenly when added with milk and sugar to bring out its true the most flavoursome Tea.

Counting the best versions that the eastern state serves us with, Assam extends the world’s finest silk i.e. Mekhela Chaddar to almost every corner of the world. To add more weight age to this, the state also houses one-horned Indian Rhinoceros, wild water buffaloes, tigers, various species of Asiatic birds, and more. But, one that amplifies its fame internationally is ‘Assam tea’. This is the gem of all.

Being famously called the ‘land of the red river and blue hills’, Assam yields approximately 680.5 million kg of tea every year. This is much more than the mango yield that the nation relishes in its summer days. However, there are many other staples that the nation thrives with and exports in large quantity to mint up.

Assam tea is known for its earthy and malty the most flavoursome Tea that becomes persistent for the overall story for the Indian beverage that is much liked and carted in every gully (narrow street) or road and even branded shops to enjoy.

Are you sipping the original Assam Tea?

By its look and feel, Assam tea leaves are glossy and darker in colour when processed. Due to its bold and rich taste, the tea from the north-eastern state makes a unique mark in the Indian homes for its gourmet.

Assam Tea: The Gem of North East

Well, there are other occupations of the state which run the bread and butter of the people. This includes agriculture, oil refining, and sericulture. But, tea estates have gained more space in the hearts of natives than others. According to research, the tea field employs ⅕ of the people which results in a vast number of families dependent on tea productions.

According to research, Assam is the second most crucial tea producer in the world (only after China) that exports to other nations. This includes sending the excellent brew to Russia, Iran, Australia, United States, and more.

Being the weather-fit ingredient, tea covers 304 thousand hectares which produces only 10% for its native people and exports the rest for other countries to sip.

Is it that blend which you need every day?

Yes, without any doubt! Tea drinkers in the world seriously cannot imagine anything replacing tea. They say it punches them for the day to start fresh. Due to certain properties of high minerals and antioxidants in the leaves, Assam tea helps to rejuvenate your immunity which in turn helps fight cold and cough. Additionally, it is also a house full of aid for healthy living.

For instance, it keeps you fit and helps shrug-off additional fat from your body. It also accelerates the metabolism rate which awards you an energetic boost. It helps you to fight cancer, severe heart disease, and improve your digestion.

If you deal with oral problems, chewing Assam tea leaves will help you gain fresh breath and prevent cavity formation.

All-in-all, Assam tea is a cup of elixir which you need to stay fit and healthy!

Chai from Tea Valley

Be it tea or chai, it is the need for you to stay refreshed and healthy at the same time. Unlike other tea and brands, where one can face health issues like indigestion, Tea Valley provides you the richest and genuinely authentic the most flavoursome Tea without tampering with its natural nutrients.

So, this surely leaves us with a magnanimous mark on pure tea-drinking habits that help us reach for the best from the rest.

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