Here Is How You Go Tasting Tea Like A Pro

While we often look up food blogs and hear the experts talking about the how great a Tasting Tea, we never could find the same superlatives to describe our experiences can we?

Well, to solve that problem for you and teach you how to describe an experience of tasting your favourite beverage, yes tea of course, we have this post here.

So, let’s begin.

Number 1: Having a Look

First impressions matter. In case of tea, this expression applies to the look of the tea leaves. If you have mostly whole tea leaves and tender buds, you are good to go. The tea will most likely have preserved its flavour.

Number 2: Take a Deep Breath

Tea is an aromatic beverage, the very wafts of which can evoke an insatiable desire in your taste buds. If you cannot detect an aroma, the tea is probably stale, but if you can, then it’s time to prepare your brewing vessels.

Number 3: Brew it Already!

If you are brewing a premium tea then it probably has some specialised instructions from the vendor for you to follow. Or, you can trust your instincts and brew it the way you like it. Tea recipes are also a great way to prepare a tantalising brew of tea.

Number 4: Check the Texture

You can tell a good brew by its texture. A clear texture means the brew is astringent and ready to serve, a muddy mixture might need sieving.

Number 5: And Slurrrp!

It is time to taste your tea. Remember though, even if some people find slurping a little rude, it is the most effective way to taste a tea brew. Slurps spread the brew over your taste buds and gives you an actual idea of the taste.

Now you can share your experienced opinion in as many words as you want. There is no wrong answer when you are tasting a quality brew and we all have different perceptions for taste and aroma. Just share yours and let others do the thinking.

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