How Many Cups Of Premium Tea Can You Brew From A 500 gm Pack?

There’s a lot of confusion about How Many Cups Of Premium Tea you should buy. It becomes all the more difficult if you love tea and frequently find yourself out of your favourite blend. The obvious choice then is to buy a bigger pack. In fact, you can save more per gram by going for a 250 gram or 500 gram packaging.
But here is the thing about buying a larger pack, you need to store it properly to preserve the taste. Exposure to air and light takes away the richness and composure of the tea leaves, therefore, you need two air-tight containers, one large and one small. Use the larger container to store the bulk while using the smaller one for your daily tea delights.

So how long will your tea stock last?
Let’s do some quick math here. If you buy a 500 gram pack of premium tea and use a smaller container of 50 gram capacity to store the portion for your daily use, you can ideally get 16 cups of tea from it. That is if you follow the 3 gram per cup rule.

But none of us are professional tea tasters, and we have hardly ever measured the amount of tea we use for each serving, relying on tea spoons instead, right? Well, you can follow a simple measure to get more tea out of your tea jar — store the steeped tea leaves for another use, in stead of throwing them away. Tea leaves can be steeped at least 3 times before the taste wears off. So, you can easily double or triple the amount of tea you are getting from each jar.

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Now, based on this, if you are getting 32 cups of tea from a 50 gram portion of premium tea, you can easily calculate the time your tea stock will last by factoring in your daily tea intake. Simple maths says the more you drink the faster it goes.

So, let us know if you found this article helpful. If you want to add some more logic, leave a comment and know more visit our Tea Valley Official website.

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