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Tea is not something that is taken for granted or seen as a normal thing. It has a story, it has memories. It is a lot more than just a cup of hot piping liquid that is enjoyed every morning; be it a ‘kadak chai’, fitness-infused green tea or even liquor tea that kick-starts your day. There are various tea brands in India which may tickle your mood and make you ready to take on the day.

“When there is Tea, there’s Hope!” – Arthur Wing Pinero

Additionally, all this helps to welcome new opportunities and helps you to get ready to face challenges of life. It is widely known that India is the 2nd largest tea producer in the world. Interestingly, the local tea industry in India has a good amount of market share that accounts for more than ₹12,000 Crores. Assam alone contributes more than 50% to the total amount of tea production in the country.

Well, if you want to try the best tea of India at your home, here we have enlisted some enumerable tea brands from India. Nonetheless, every other brand promises to serve pure nectar of the first flush coming straight from Assam Valley. So, which are the original ones that dearly keep their words for their drinkers…

Top Brands – Tea Valley comes from Assam


The versatile story of Tea Valley comes from Assam. Being one of the top tea brands in India, it is learned that the growth of the plantation gets soiled and nurtured with the mighty Brahmaputra River. Getting inched by DJ Group, this invests in creating niche tea blends for the Indian and International tea lovers. The blend is said to get plucked from the beautiful tea estate in the Himalayas to get tea lovers with a singular refreshing cup of tea. Additionally, here you’ll get the finest, richest, and most affluent blend that takes you directly to the valleys of Assam.

Popular Products:

  • Tea Valley Gold
  • Tea Valley Royal
  • Tea Valley Classic
  • Tea Valley Utsah

Key Features:

  • Extends enriched aromatic and orthodox long leaf
  • Comprises finest crème la crème of CTC teas grown in the valley

  • A perfect beverage for friendly get-togethers and tea parties
  • Extends long-lasting goodness with its premium-quality packaging
  • Shares a truly joyful tea drinking experience every time


Being one of the leading tea brands in India, Tata Tea is the most common and trusted brand among the others. Whether you like pure black liquor or adding a bit of milk and few drops of honey. It all encourages your mood from the beginning of the day. Keeping heed with the composition, the tea is rich in medicinal nutrients that are dubbed to heal and nurture from within. Additionally, this tea is also meant to be the one who enjoys sipping various masalas for their exclusive chai style.

Popular Products:

  • Tata Tea Premium
  • Tata Gold
  • Tata Agni
  • Tata Premium, and more.

Key Features:

  • It is a 35-year-old brand
  • It’s India’s most dominating player when it comes to serving the best form of tea in the country
  • Contains a wide range of variants/types for its national and regional people

  • Premium quality tea from the Assam Valley
  • Served types of granules according to mood, choice, and pocket


This is a super-classy type of tea brand that stands second-largest tea producer in the world. Keeping by the records, this tea brand serves more than 500 countries for its aromatic and pure flush straight from the valleys. Being a non-alcoholic beverage, the brand has its roots in England. When it comes to tea quality, it is premium. Its variety contains almost five times more antioxidants than any fruit like apple. The variety takes a keen interest in serving the best and unique styles without looking back to start your day.

Popular Products:

  • Tetley Black Tea
  • Tetley Green Tea
  • Tetley Green Tea with ginger, mint, and lemon
  • Tetley Green Tea with Aloe Vera
  • Tetley Green Tea infused with the goodness of lemon and honey

Key Features:

  • Its staple type is green tea, is a 100% vegetarian product

  • Purely organic product
  • Contains a natural green colour
  • Contains antioxidants that are present in green tea that helps fight harmful chemicals in your body
  • The finest blend of tea and buds that oozes out smooth, and soft fragrance


Well, when it comes to the authentic taste of tea, the Taj Mahal comes with an inquisitive form of regal taste. Being born from Brooke Bond, Taj Mahal Tea first saw its shoot in 1966. It is also said that it adds precious essence to the finest fresh tea leaves giving you a perfect balance with the start of the day. Being endorsed by the leading maestro like Zakir Hussain and celebrities like Saif Ali Khan. The company offers a wide range of beverages that encourages a sense of typical Hindustani flavour. Interestingly, if you want to enjoy the royal taste of tea without milk and sugar, this is the best choice. The Taj Mahal tea is among the largest masala tea manufacturer in the country. Apart from granules, it also comes with tea bags that help to keep the flavour and aroma intact.

Popular Products:

  • Taj Mahal Classic
  • Taj Mahal Nilgiris
  • Taj Mahal Gold
  • Taj Mahal Darjeeling

Key Features:

  • Purely vegetarian product
  • Unique flavour and taste
  • Offers the perfect balance between taste and refreshment
  • Available in loose and tea bags
  • One of the trusted brands among different Indian tea brands


Yet another coming from the Brooke Bond banner, Red Label is one of the largest forms of tea brands that help with the best quality of tea leaves. It also brings the perfect combination of taste and freshness. Best known for its strong taste and unique aroma, just a small sip will give a blush of freshness. Being the leading tea brands in India, contains great quality of fresh green leaves that helps to maintain the balance of your taste and enlightenment for the day. All in all, this is one of the best sources of refreshment that clears any sort of clogginess and gives a kick for the day.

Popular Products:

  • Red Label Special
  • Red Label Dust
  • Red Label Nature Care

Key Features:

  • Offers high-quality blend
  • Comprises taste of togetherness
  • A true refreshing beverage
  • Serves robust taste
  • Processed under Brook Bond excellence

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