The Journey of Fresh Bush to Enriched Cup of Assam Tea

Assam tea is divine, be it its taste or natural colour. It helps you to peek through the large Assam green valleys that act as the main elixir to freshen up your mood and soul for the day

Tea! How important is it to you? Is it just a hot cup of drink or is there any story that is vital for you to know? All-in-all, tea is a natural medicine that helps to pep-up your mood which gets drained out due to daily chores. But, before discussing further, we need to extend an ‘Ode to Assam Tea’ which has been playing an important role in starting up your day with freshness and calmness, for ages.

How does it all start?

Well, this is much more than just a cup of I’m (Tea) an essential part of every home and I have become potential with time as years have passed by. Seeping its roots from Chinese land, I have seen my growth and pampering from the ethically rich people of Assam. Starting the day from 9 am, pluckers come with their bamboo baskets tied up on their head with well-padded belts with cloths so that nobody could get hurt due to the heaviness of the basket after the fill. My native bushes grow over the upper slopes of Assam, which is said to get the most natural taste due to equatable climate brushing from the Brahmaputra River and slowly drifting towards lower Assam and infringements of Darjeeling.

However, I’m not the only one that tastes beautifully.

My companions from Deccan states add value to your wholesome cup of tea. You can find my companions at Nilgiri Hills of Tamil Nadu and also in the Terai regions along the lines of foothills of the Himalayas and some places of Himachal Pradesh.

Best Temperature for Tea Survival – Assam Tea

Yes, we are not just a simple plantation. We are an elegant type of cultivation that requires care and a comfortable temperature that helps us to grow and retain our natural flavors for future use. Being a tea plant is not easy. We love to survive under temperatures that range from 20 degrees to 30 degrees. On the other hand, we get weathered under the temperature that stands above 35 degrees and below 10 degrees.

So, you can imagine what type of care we need to bring out the best and native taste of tea in your cup.

Also, it is important to add that my companions and I love to grow in shady areas or along with shady trees. We also require 150-300 cm of annual rainfall which needs to be equally distributed throughout the year.

Along with this, our growth and pampering techniques are better followed by cheap yet trained labourers who are especially required at the time of plucking.

Method of Cultivation to the Cup

Before getting invited to your home and then getting poured into your well-designed tea-cups, there is a long and definite process that makes us well grown to that level.

As tea bushes are set up on the sloping grounds of Assam, there are plenty of shady trees that are seeded and grown beforehand. Our seeds are sown and germinated so that the sapling can be shifted to the garden. In the garden, we experience regular titling so that our growth can get nurtured without hindrance. Along with that, oil cakes and natural manures are used widely so that our growth can experience a pump in the whole process.

After we have attained a manageable height from the soil, we are pruned so that we stay in our proper shape and new and fresh leaves can crown us for better utility. This is followed by withering, bruising, oxidizing, fixing (kill green), and drying. Till the last stage, we stand ready to get packed, shipped, transported to other places for our magical sip.

Starting from green tea leaves to dried leaves, we get changed in shape and colour so that we can suit your taste and preference without any hurdle.

Sip the awesome taste of the brew from Tea Valley, and welcome me today. Looking forward to getting poured in your cup!

However, I’m not the only one that tastes beautifully.

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